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I am not one to have wild parties, and I think anything past 1am is way too late, but there are some times when the night gets the better of you.
So how do you recover from waking up on the hot-mess side of the bed? Easy. Watch the video below and try some of these tips:
- Drink water
- Try a face mask
- Use tea bags
My best friend gave me a bottle of an essential oil blend that helps with nausea and upset stomach and that is usually what helps me the most the morning after. That and a huge breakfast with lots of carbs to fill my stomach back up.
My secret is Pedialyte. Yeah, that gross stuff you drank when you were sick as a kid. It's made to rehydrate you fast, so it kicks the effects of a bad hangover in the butt.
@danidee that is the best kind of best friend