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CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun has been reported to join the cast of KBS’ upcoming drama,‘Orange Marmalade’. For this acting project, the guitarist in the group will portray the role of Han Shihoo, a vampire who does not drink human’s blood, and has triangle love with the main character vampire Baek Mari (AOA’s Seolhyun) and Popular student Jung Jaemin (Yoo Jin Goo).Ttwigo listed three reasons why Jonghyun fits the image of a vampire and put a high expectation for him to pull-out his vampire character.
Fair skin and tall body
With his 182-cm height, Jonghyun matches well with the character of a vampire that often we saw in manga or web-toon version. Despite the fact that he was born and raise in the beach city, Busan, he has a pale complexion that makes his appearance even more similar to the stereotyped vampire looks.
He has that fierce look
Busan guy is known to be cold to girls but treat them nicely. The same goes for Jonghyun!People might mistaken him as someone who is unapproachable and standoffish at times when in public. However, the idol explained that his personality is far from what it looks like.“Because I have small mix of facial expressions. It’s hard to express various feelings like people using standard languages. My appearance looks cold but my personality isn’t like that at all,” he said in an interview with Vogue magazine in 2012.His cold appearance is indeed a plus point to be added on the list.
Edward Cullen look-alike
Jonghyun who used to be ullzzang (non-celebrity people with exceptional pretty look), was once mentioned to have a foreigner look by MC Jung Hyungdon. During CNBLUE’s appearance on ‘Weekly Idol’, MC Jung Hyungdon praised Jonghyun’s similarity with Robert Pattinson who played the vampire Edward Cullen on ‘Twilight’ movie series.
Check out Jonghyun’s photo for September 2014′s edition of Ceci magazine below, and tell us if you agree that he has that vampire look!
i'm looking forward to this as well @sherrysahar ... xx
I just missed his acting so much I am so glad he is making a come back I will be watching this one 😃😃😃😊😊
The first drama I saw him in was A gentleman's dignity and I loved his character and acting.... I am looking forward to seeing him be the lead man