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Here's three different styles of MREs (meals ready to eat) that you can make at home rather than ordering them or carrying a lot of loose items. If you make these, they store for a long time and can be great for carrying with you.
My preferred method is video #3. Why? Because most MRE videos (like #1 and #2) are mostly things that you either need water for, or you wouldn't really enjoy eating. But, whatever works for someone is the right thing I guess. Put in what you'll eat.
1. Snack MRE
This one to me doesn't seem like a full meal, but that's just me. Bag of tuna, some crackers, some raisins, 3 Slim Jims and you're good to go. Pack them up and vacuum seal them.
2. Boil Style MRE
In here you see some ramen and rice that needs boiled as well as normal snacks. This isn't exactly ready to eat since you'd need to get water, purify it and then boil before being able to eat.
3. The Best One (in my opinion)
This guy chooses stuff he likes to eat, and he chooses it for the right reasons. Rather than looking at calories alone, better to read the grams of PROTEIN and FAT, you gotta try to balance them out with what you know your body needs in a 24 hour period, and he does a good job of focusing on that which I think is the real important part. Plus, these really are ready to eat.
@danidee Yeah I agree. Though I don't mind some army MRE (they have gotten better in recent years)) but still not my favorite thin.
This is really really interesting. And certainly a lot better than the generic army stuff!
Will try #3
I usually go with snack style MREs since I usually fresh prepare other meals