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There is nothing like a cliche montage scene of a girl changing her style and thus completely changing her life. No wonder I expect to become a movie star when I buy a new pair of glasses or that I'll be a classy art student when I wear my red lipstick.

1. Legally Blonde

From bubbly blonde that no one takes seriously to a serious law student who is the top of her class.
Recipe: One part glasses, one part text book, and of course you need that orange mac book!

2. The Princess Diaries

The classic 'get rid of the glasses and she's a princess' routine.
At least now I know I'm not the only one that has broken a comb with my hair...

3. Easy A

When everyone at school things you're trash, why not just go with it?
This is easily one of my favorite films just cause Emma Stone's character is soooo over the top.

4. Clueless

I love a good makeover that backfires. Poor Cher and her attempt to do some good in the world.

5. Mean Girls

Becoming Plastic was the worst thing Cady could have done, but at least it made for one hell of a story. She definitely looked way cuter pre-mini skirt.

6. She's the Man

This scene had me thinking for the first time in my life 'I need a friend that can make me look like a man.' Still one of the best films ever.

7. Mulan

The ULTIMATE makeover. Mulan is such a badass and I love her more than any other princess. She rules.
@lildinamo OMG good catch hahahah and @kristenadams NO WAY that's not what I meant omg!!
I hope you aren't calling Mulan a trashy teen lol!!!!
yes! easy a is one of my all time favorite movies
it's the princess diaries not princess bride :) lol
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