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Nico Yazawa is my spirit animal!
-only I like to think I'm a lot nicer! (^∇^
She was so intimidating for me to cosplay at first because her features are so different from mine. But I loved her, and I really related to her. Her mannerisms, her back story, her appreciation for her friends and how they changed her life, Nico really stood out and stole my heart. So I knew I had to give cosplaying her a shot!
But one cosplay is just a slippery slope to even more! Now that I've been her, and loved the results, I want to do even more cosplays of her! There isn't a version of her I don't want to be, though for now I really want to try to put together these 9 the most! I can't imagine what it would be like to be more than 9 versions of one character, but let's see what happens!
Its great that some series develop such a wide variety of outfits for one character. It's great for those who connected to someone and want to cosplay them many times, but still do something new.
the top right hand corner one is the cutest by far!!!!
Well, I mean they're all so damn adorable I really don't even know how you'd choose to narrow it down. Where is she from again?