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Three of my friend's separately told me to watch Oreimo all in the same day. They were all shocked I hadn't seen it! I have no idea how it hadn't come on my radar sooner, but I finally watched it and I LOVED it!
...And a month later of course I cosplayed it! :P
Kirino is kind of amazing in every way possible. I love characters with attitude and I can very much see a lot of myself in her. Had I watched this show in high school I think I would have been even more obsessed. Like her, I was very focused on my talents and my friends, and tried very hard to keep my inner weeb on the down-low!
Kuroneko was my personal favorite character though, and I was so happy that Amy decided to cosplay her! I think Kuroneko is also pretty similar to her. Really these cosplays required no acting whatsoever!
I hope in the future we'll do other versions of them, but these were really fun for a fast cosplay!
Kirino: Me!
Kuroneko: Milkpink
Photo by Yenra Photography (@yenra)
You both look so serious about that mag XD
I think we are all a bit like Kirino.
You are both adorbs!!! as always thanks for helping me find another so to watch :)