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Earlier this year I saw that my good friendtographer Ken chooses a theme for all of his photos each year. I loved this idea and decided to do this same for my year in cosplay!
For my first year my theme has been "Rethink, Revise, Revamp!" My goal was to redo and improve old cosplays and also make new cosplays for characters I've already done!
Babydoll and Ariel were my first two to be reimagined! For Babydoll, I finally did her white outfit, and it's instantly become a new favorite! For Ariel, I got a new wig and took in the beautiful dress my friend Kandice made so it fit me better!
I also need a new version of a Nico (super idol Nico!) at Katsucon, and plan to two more this summer! Yukirin and Ariel will also have new versions this Colossalcon.
I'm even more excited about redoing two cosplays I did awhile ago that I wasn't very proud of. One was Winry Rockbell, who I'll be remaking for Colossalcon. The other I'll keep a secret for a little longer!
It's been so fun to give myself a more freestyle goal for this year, and I totally recommend it! Plus I think I might already know what my theme will be for next year!
Photo by: Yenra Yenra Photography
Tell us your secret cosplay!
That's a cool theme!! It must feel good to get to redo those cosplays that you love but didn't think were perfect the first time, right?