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I drafted this board last night and printed it full size today at school! I just put a picture of arbors liam morgan pro deck in CAD, drew a center line(roughly), traced one side and just mirrored it to the other side! i also moved all the mounting holes 1/4 in towards center on the front and back because i wanted to shorten the wheelbase. I'm planning on making a concave press this weekend and trying to find 1/16 inch maple/baltic birch! I'll post pictures as i progress in making this board!
Love that shape dude! Keep us posted :)
use Canadian maple you have to order it. try craigslist though. Also you gonna add carbon fiber or fiber glass my down gill decks core is tgat
i think im going to use baltic birch first just because it's cheaper so if i mess up it won't matter as much @MitchellJuchno