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Rescue and shelter dogs are awesome. They can be fun, playful and a great part to add to your family, but a lot of people assume that shelter dogs are gonna have too many problems to be worth the time and money to get one :(
Which is totally wrong!!! The Utah Humane Society agrees and so they did a cool project to show off the fun side of shelter dogs--they took photo booth style photos of them to show off how adorable and funny they can be. Meet 7 of their cute dogs in the photos above :)
They're updating with new photo booth pics of dogs that need adopted on their FB page every week, so if you're in the area make sure to check it out!!!
Another project took shelter dogs, covered them in (animal friendly, edible) paint in all different colors, and let them shake it off to create some really cool Jackson Pollock style art!! This video in super slo mo lets us see them at work, and draws attention to the idea that every dog (whether he's from a shelter or not!) is beautiful and can be part of something awesome.
So go get your shelter pup today, so you can do something awesome with them! If you have a shelter pet already, leave a comment about how you found them!!
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Love this @ChristinaBryce! As a animal lobbyist and U.S. Humane Society member and pet advocate I am always happy to hear of wonderful things like this! Thank you!