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and it only went downhill from there.
But really, I've had issues with Louis since day one. Regardless of the fact that he can't sing, he's been a brat to pretty much everyone who crosses his path (re: any other celebrity that doesn't worship 1D)
He's been in Twitter feuds since he got a Twitter, and I don't know how his fans can still stand up for him after nearly 4 years of starting up ridiculous drama.
Zayn's tweet is the best though:

"Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?"

So I say, go Zayn! Call that bull shit!
My friend texted me last night with this screen shot:
Even a hardened Louis fan (my friend in the screenshot) says that he is "so annoying now that its driving me nuts!"
Anyone else sick of Louis Tomlinson?
I have no idea who these ppl yea!!! leaving the conversation...
i don't know about this situation at all but louis butted in first nd he got a respond gooo ZAYN , however I would really like them to get along with each other and be happy for each other even if they choose to go separate ways you know friends sometimes maybe louis really misses him we just don't know.
@Sjeanyoon true:)
I love this too. I'm like WHERE'S THE POPCORN?
not a zayn fan but wow hes become harsh now.
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