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as you can see I am a bigger girl, I would like to lose some weight but I have so much trouble doing it. I need some advice on some easy workouts for beginners, and some healthy foods to eat. I would really appreciate it if people can give me some tips and advice on this. I feel get so down about myself and I don't feel pretty at all. all throughout school I was picked on about my weight so I feel like I need a huge change to prove people wrong about me, and show them that I am beautiful inside and out. so if you guys can help me with this journey, and try to help me get some encouragement that would be great thank you guys so much! you can message me on here or just leaave comments! and again thank you all so so much!!!
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@MoNeEkA96 your birth control my not make you gain weight but it will make it hard to lose weight. Also thyroid issues and weights problems are connected together. Definitely talk to your doctor that's what they are for, to help you get better! Also try measuring around your body with a tape measure. You'd be surprised with how you can lose 3 inches but only 0.2 lbs. I measure around my arm, chest, mid-section, hips, and thigh. You can get there girl! If I can we all can!
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you guys really don't know how much it means to me to have people supporting me! thank you guys so so much!! if you guys know any beginner workout plans or food charts to go by please message me them.!!! thank you guys so much though :) ♥
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Try getting on Herbalife and don't eat after 6pm. and just gping for a walk once a day will make a big difference! Goodluck!
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just wanted to keep yall updated I have lost 7lbs in 2 weeks.!!
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Whoo! Good job girl!
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