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Paris Hilton Paid $13,000 for This Puppy
Let me be clear: I love all animals regardless of what they look like but... look at this.
While I was writing a card about celebrity dogs, I found out that Paris Hilton got a new friend.
Bred in a lab in South Korea, this strangely cute but also terrifying pomeranian was bought by Paris Hilton for $13,000.
It's probably not a lot of money for someone with that kind of fortune tied to her name, but I wish she could have done something more with it than buy this poor little dog.
As it grows its becoming less alien-like and more...dog-like? But this puppy is still too much for me to handle.
You can follow Princess Paris Jr on Instagram!

All I'm saying is, she could have used that $13,000 to sponsor an entire dog shelter!

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Wow what a unique looking dog! It almost looks like a costume it is wearing! I do agree that the money is crazy and she probably could have used it more wisely . I feel shelter dogs are the most wonderful pets!
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That thing is terrifying. BUT THAT THIRD PICTURE IS SO CUTE!
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@beywatch The third pic is the only one that actually looks like a real dog LOL!
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