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Here is the raw, enjoy! Translation credit: Shiny @ mangafox forum 1 Cold memories at the end of the year Nanami: fwaa So cold... Nanami: I had too much fun enjoying the sales since 6 pairs of socks were only 580Y! I have to hurry back, otherwise Tomoe will scold me Voice: Discount! Discount! Only Today! Half Price off! 2 Nanami: ...Ah There's a line in front of the Takoyaki shop Which reminds me/come to think of it... Before, I would be too hungry after work so I bought some to eat but it was cold by the time I came home and I ate cold takoyaki while in front of the TV ... 3 Owner: What would you like? Kid: Green onions/chives! With lotsa mayonnaise on top! Ah customer: After buying takoyaki i'll be back soon Oh wait You're welcome The weather really is cold Shop Owner: Little Miss, how much takoyaki would you like? Nanami: um... 4 Nanami: for 5 people please Shop owner: Here are 45 pieces. Nanami: 5 servings is really heavy... 5 Nanami: ... but its really warm Tomoe: you're slow! Coming back at this time, what were you doing 6 Nanami: Sorry, Sorry Nanami: I had to buy some presents so I was a bit late Onikiri+ Kotetsu: Nanami-sama! Welcome back Mizuki:We've been waiting for you to come back, nanami-chan Mizuki: I'm exhausted from trying to pacify Tomoe-kun's terrible mood (lol i can't read half his bubble, i guessed) Nanami: Don't fight I bought some takoyaki back lets eat together Nanami: Delicious~ Tomoe: Which part of this thing is the octopus? Mizuki:You stupid fox-kun, the octpus is inside Tomoe: So what youre saying is to make it better, we'll need to add roasted snake. (I guessed /o/) 7 Voice: You're going to Become a lively person who creates headaches as the master of the shrine 8 Nanami: Someone told me this.. Nanami: he said Tomoe: What? Mizuki: Did you see that Nanami-chan? Mizuki:Tomoe-kun is just too much! Mizuki:Tomoe-Kun Mizuki:Tomoe-Kun Nanami: Ah really, So noisy! This winter The god realized that warmth causes headaches.