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Did you beg your mom for a crimping iron like I did? Popular in the mid 1980s, crimped hair still was popular through the early 90s and even more recently, and I finally managed to get a straightener with interchangable crimping and waving plates. You've definitely seen in this style on more than one celeb during the 80s or 90s!

Characteristics of Crimped Hair

That's simple: crimped! It wasn't unusual to see an entire mane of crimped hair from root-to-tip, but you might also see some random strips of crimped hair instead. Sometimes, you'd see big crimps that looked a bit more like waves, but it'd still be a whole head of it!
This style made some big appearances by Cyndi Lauper (Girls, Just Wanna Crimp their Hair!) You've also seen it on Jessica Simpson and Beyonce during the very early 2000s!

Modern Remake

If you're not ready for so much kinkage, try doing something like this modern crimped ponytail from You can find their tutorial for getting this look on their website.
Would you wear this style today?
@onesmile Me too. I think it's coming back!!
I would never wear the pony tail, but I kind of dig the really crimped look from the first two images!