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1) Eat more in quantity and cut down on food high in calories. Egs of such food are fruits, veg, soup, stew. 2) Pay more attention the amount of food that you are eating Eat strategically and avoid eating set meals with a wide variety of food at family restaurants as you may end up eating more than necessary. Research has shown that we tend to eat more when there are a greater variety of food. If possible, use a smaller plate so as to prevent yourself from overeating! 3) Exercise regularly and eat correctly You will find yourself regaining self-confidence and a good eating habit combined with regular exercise will also help to reduce stress! 4) Be healthy role models for your child It has been widely believed that 30% body weight can be attributed to genetic factors while the remaining 70% are due to environmental factors. Hence by adopting a healthy eating habits, you are also fostering healthy eating for your child! 5) Select the food you eat wisely. Avoid snacks and other unhealthy food!
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