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This info was gathered in a national survey by Zagat, but I'd really like to know a bit more specifically how they gathered that data, because they've got it all wrong for me!
This infographic was put together by the wonderful Ilovecoffee.jp, who seems just as confused by these results as me. Check out her blog for some other awesome stuff.
I can (somewhat) believe that more guys drink coffee than girls, but I can't believe that guys drink more cups on average! Are we accounting for how much a lot of guys in the office water down their coffee (they do it MUCH more than women, in my experience). Are we accounting for how many shots of espresso are in each cup? Are we accounting for size?! I need more details!!
This one speaks for itself, I guess, though I feel like this is heavily influenced by A) how much guys want to pay for coffee and B) the fact that women seem to go to chains more, where the idea of "fancy" drinks (like Pumpkin Spice Lattes) is encouraged, but that's just me.
I'd like to see these as percentages, because I have a feeling that the percentage of people who like raw sugar & half/half would be quite similar between men and women (given that sugar and half/half is like...what it takes to create the typical American cup of coffee).
Wait...I just checked the survey and I was right! About 14% of coffee drinkers (in both men and women) reach for raw sugar, and there's only a 6% difference between men and women in the use of half and half! I knew it! All that time at Starbucks did something for me after all.
Another interesting bit from the survey itself:
"Survey participants typically pay $3.28, on average, for a coffee drink; a steady increase from $3.05 in 2014 and $2.98 in 2013. But how much is too much to pay for a regular cup of joe? Respondents say $3.67, on average. When it comes to barista-prepared coffee, they say $5.07 - a full 38% more."
All the more reason to start making your coffee at home, folks!!! I know I can save a ton when doing this at home, but don't take my word for it.
@danidee Honestly, probably a lot. It's so hard to judge the level of influence of culture on this kind of survey, though.
I wonder how much of this is cultural.
Love a lot