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Did you love Sweet Home Alabama as much as I did? If so, you might be ready to take some of the sweet, southern styles we've seen Reese Witherspoon and other classic Southern figures wear and make them your own. And they're coming straight from her! Reese just officially launched Draper James!
In the Draper James collections, you'll find gingham, stripes, floral patterns and more in both casual and more formal attired. There will be pearls, leather handbags and monogrammed cell phone cases that are scream one thing: Southern Style! There are also loads of home decor items that you can browse through as well if you want to add a touch of classic Reese to your home.
Reese had something to share about her inspiration for the line, her very own upbringing:
"The South is a very lively, stylish place. There is always a backyard party, a luncheon, or a family celebration that calls for getting dressed up! Southern girls also love treasured family heirlooms. For instance, my mother gave me her own pearl earrings and I cherish them. There is no replacement for something that reminds you of your upbringing. I also use my grandmother's china everyday."
Spot anything you'd wear? It's not cheap, but I think I might do a little shopping!
@beywatch yeah and they're super well priced at Kohls if you get them off clearance!!
I love the idea of these lifestyle sites, but they always pick such expensive and ridiculous items. (Although Lauren Conrad's site seems to be the most legit.)