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Yuki's father said he won't let Utsumi meet with Yuki and told the maid not to answer to anyone who wants to meet Yuki (is he trying to imprison her??!!). Utsumi is determined to meet Yuki and talk to her properly. He decides to wait for Yuki in front of her house but the police showed up and he ran away (hmm a little bit of stalker-like there ^^;) Utsumi sent Yuki a text asking her to meet him in a cottage in the mountain where he would be waiting for her (hmm I'm sensing some sexy scenes ahead XD). Yuki hugged Ustumi the moment she saw him. Yuki told Utsumi, "Throw everything away, take me and elope together" Then she smiled and said, "Just kidding~" Utsumi and Yuki embraced each other and lied down (that's all they did haha). Yuki said she wanted to stay like this for awhile. Shou is walking home and saw a couple. She got teary eyes thinking of the memories Utsumi and she had. Then she saw her ex sitting in the rain waiting for her. The guy said he thought about her a lot and wanted to see her. Looks like they will get back together. I don't really like Shou but I think this is the best option for her. Hope she'll be happy and move on soon. Yuki left telling Utsumi to go back. She thanked him for everything and said she won't ever forget him. (seriously, I'm starting to dislike Yuki now!!) Utsumi didn't leave and still stayed at the cottage. The maid showed up. Looks like she will tell him something. I'm curious hmmm Ch 155 will be out on 12/14
Good job....i like reading your summaries. :)
@soula81 Yeah! Haha! But I guess I would do that if I wanted to protect the ones I love... :p idk
@princetongrl16 your analysis of yuki makes sense. it's always like that in manga. the other believe or think they know what's best for others and just sacrifice themselves for that belief. i really dont like it >__<
@soula81 I want them to be together but I think I understand why Yuki is hesitating. Yuki has always put others before herself. This is how the author made her. It's frustrating but it's always been like this. She always thought what was best for Seiji and her family. But in this case, her family came first because of bigger reasons. I think that if we should blame someone, it should be Yuki's dad for not letting Seiji explain himself.
@princetongrl16 , couldnt agree more!! i'm made at how Yuki is acting! just be happy together already! feel like this manga is dragging on
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