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This is time to sweat with me! During this first workout, you will work for 50 seconds and have 10 seconds of rest/transition. It has 10 movements but you would do 2 rounds, so it would take 20 minutes of your time.
First workout is high knees. It's not complex movement, you just need to bring your knees high! If you need more info you should watch this video!
Bicycle crunches. Great ab workout. If you want to show off your perfect six pack, do this workout! After 50 seconds of ride, you would feel your abs are on fire!
Rock climbers is one of variations of mountain climbers. Personally, I do not enjoy this one just because this is too hard. If you are like me, you would check you timer at least twice before the beep start.
Inchworms + 3 push ups. This is whole body workout, you need flexibility and strength to do it properly.
This workout is really good for your behind look. Step back and kick like dancers.
Jumping Lunges is really good workout for your legs and butt. A day after few sets of jumping lunges, I could always feel my muscles on my lower body.
Yay, another ab work out! You just need to make your body into V shape. Please tight your core and try not to bent your back.
Jumping Jacks! Everybody knows how to do jumping jacks but not that many people doing right. Please open your entire body and jump!
Squat + 180 jumps
I love this person's video because he's doing full squat. Since I love doing CrossFit, I don't count half squat as real squat. There is no right or wrong answer though. It's your call.
Woo, finally last movement. and it is plank! It doesn't matter you are doing straight-arm plank or prone plank. Just hold!!!
After you first rounds, try not to give up and spend ten more minutes to finish this workout. Once you've got done with it, you would be so proud yourself and you would find you are one step closer to your dream body!
I love his workout
This is awesome!!! I love the inchworm move haha even though I hate pushups!