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In light of their latest win on M! Countdown, netizens have come to scrutinize BTS member V after he was seen singing BIGBANG‘s “Loser” during his group’s acceptance speech. During BTS’ winning speech, member V can be seen breaking out into a lipsync moment, singing to BIGBANG’s “Loser” passionately as Rap Monster delivers thank yous on behalf of the group. However, viewers who noticed V’s singing were not all amused.
Many netizens took the online boards and commented how rude it was for V to sing “Loser,” in which they believed was rude towards not only BIGBANG – since it’s the norm to sing your own song during your winning stage – but EXID as well, whom they were up against for the M! Countdown trophy on May 7th. Netizens wrote, “He’s really going overboard..BIGBANG fans are going to be so pissed, I’m not even a fan and it looks like he’s mocking them,” “His fans are being ridiculous..’It’s cause he’s excited’…so disrespectful,” “I’d be so pissed if I was a BIGBANG fan,” “This makes me lose all respect for them,” “I’m sure EXID was glad to see them sing ‘Loser’ after winning against them,” and more.
Possibly responding to these comments, V posted on BTS’ group Twitter account shortly after the broadcast, “These three songs are the ones I listen to every day before going to sleep because they’re really good, so it became a habit that the lyrics came out of my mouth upon receiving the trophy..ㅠㅠ I love you guys, you’re really cool!” Along with the lengthy post was a screenshot of his phone and playlist with BTS’ “I Need U” followed by BIGBANG’s “BAE BAE” and “LOSER” in the TOP 3. BTS has also been caught up in a controversy where netizens accused the group sajaegi, enabling them ahead of BIGBANG on the charts in terms of albums sold.
Ughhhhh again Netizens are taking this wayyyy to seriously!!!! like c'mon! Don't they have anything better to do than criticize kpop stars??!! What do you guys think of this?
@kimikodragon lol took me right out of it. I think we should alllllllllllllllll calm our tits and wear some red lipstick. *diva snap* But seriously..... BIGBANG are my bias group. I loooooove me some BTS too tho.....dont get me wrong. Look at my screen name lol. That said tho... Was I offended? Honestly.....Yeah at first. I mean it was easily taken out of context. BTS won n V sang the idea of it without taking into consideration his motives and personality.... could be considered offensive. Our hackles and claws come out where our bias groups are concerned. We're not rational and we don't see the other side. I get both sides tho. I'm glad he apologized and explained himself. No biggie. BIGBANG isn't offended or concerned even so I think netizens need to let this go now.
if you watch the video V was singing Loser before they were even announce as the winner! seriously but whatever haters gonna hate ps. BTS vs BigBang tommorow on sbs gayo :)
this is making me mad i really don't like netizens anymore sooo much criticism every single damn day v is such a cutie just let him be he was just excited i wish more ppl would just ignore these damn netizens .............
BTS are all huge fanboys of Bigbang they wouldn't disrespect them purposely
@MattK95 I'm on the same boat as you. I've been a VIP much longer than an ARMY and I didn't get mad the fact that V said that. I was more upset about all the people hating on V. I heard that when BTS had another win recently that V didn't have ANY facial expression at all because he was probably worried and concerned about what people would say again. I just hope everyone drops this soon and that V can comfortably act like himself again.. :/
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