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After seeing @MoNeEkA96's card about wanting to get fit, it got me thinking: why are we trying to get healthy? What is our main inspiration or goal?
I loved the comments on @MoNeEkA96's card ( @russ872 @sjrj3sdm @crazyxoangel @SamJimenez @kpopgirly101 @Kfcrazy @ZenyAlvarez @redridergirl @michymouse - you guys rule) so I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!!
Do you want to lose weight?
Get stronger?
Stay healthy for your kids or future kids?
Fit into those jeans you wore in high school?
Build confidence?
Train for a race?

What is your fitness goal?!

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well I have always been made fun of for my weight. all throughout school I was called fat, that I looked like a whale, and it really got me emotional. so when I graduated I got to thinking I'm going to show these people who have been.making fun of me for years how good I can look. I wanted to improve my health also, but mostly because of my past of being called names. I have thyroid problems and that sets me back a whole lot, but I am giving it all I got and so far I am good. I started my diet and working out two days ago and I can feel it working I am sore but it will pay off in the end. I want to thank you guys for supporting me it really means a whole lot!. ill keep you guys updated on my progress.!! :)
@alywoah Thanks for asking! I guess I started working out in high school when I was self conscious about my body (lots of baby fat^^) Then I made a great group of friends in my yoga class at the gym. My love of fitness just grew from there so now I workout to be with friends and stay fit!
to get fit and also makes me feel better! it's a way to take out all of my stress! ;)
I started working out because I couldn't keep up with my kids! I still can't, but at least I'm getting faster ;)
Honestly, I just love the time it gives me to myself. Just me, the treadmill and my music.