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Ellie Goulding is the ultimate role model. She's an incredible songwriter, performer, and now she even designs her own fitness routines!
With her partnership with Nike, Ellie is planning to inspire women to not only take control of their artistic side, but to take control of their bodies. Here are her three main tips for living the awesome healthy lifestyle that she has (even with her crazy schedule!)
1. Don't Miss a Workout
Ellie is constantly traveling, attending events, putting on concerts, and, unbelievably, working out. She says that hitting the gym is a great way to fight (or take advantage of) jet lag, and makes a point of booking a room in a hotel that has a gym.
If she doesn't have access to a gym, she's a big fan of jogging around new cities (so keep your eye out for her next time she's in your town!)
2. Get a Work Out Buddy
Power in numbers! Ellie is used to working out alone due to her schedule, but if there is someone out there ready to join her, she'll be the first to send them a text.
"The best way to push your limits is to find a buddy who will push you further," Ellie said. "You work for them."
3. Know When to Relax
Exercise is great, but there are some cases where there is too much of a good thing. Know your limits and respect them. You aren't going to drop 20 pounds in on night so don't try! Give yourself a chance to relax, refresh, and recuperate!
"I sometimes beat myself up if I don’t train for few days or don’t do cardio or strength, but you need to give your body and mind a break." Ellie said. "It’s good to have that goal, but also don’t be too hard on yourself — you need the yin to the yang."
I so admire people who can juggle such a crazy schedule with a healthy lifestyle. Go Ellie!
I saw her in concert once with the Knocks and she was amazing, I have nothing but respect for her :)
I love that she does everything from boxing to yoga. She's so active all the time!