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On May 7, BTS won first place at Mnet’s “M!Countdown” with their latest song “I NEED U.” While leader Rap Monster was speaking for the group and giving thanks for the award, V could be seen mouthing the lyrics to BIGBANG‘s “Loser.”
Some viewers have commented that his behavior was ridiculous and disrespectful.
The singer explained his behavior in a tweet through BTS’s official Twitter and said, “I listen to these three songs before I go to sleep every night. Since I like it so much I always sing it. I was so happy when we won that I sang without knowing. Oh no.. I love [BIGBANG]. [BIGBANG] is really cool!”
It's nice that he explained his side, so that netizens can understand what his intentions were.
*clap,clap,clap* V Fighting! BTS Fighting!

Yeah V wouldn't disrespect Bigbang or EXID intentionally he's a total fanboy of both groups! I hope he doesn't worry too much! FIGHTING TAEHYUNG!
we love bigbang too nd we love you ♥♥ fighting V