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Suddenly I'm very, very suspicious. I've never been huge on using Tinder, but this data was just released, and apparently of surveyed users:
- 30% married
- 12% in a relationship
- 54% single
- 3% divorced or widowed
That's a lot of married people!!! Anyways, Tinder spoke up and said that these stats aren't totally accurate (and they're not sure how they were even measured), but I'm still weary.
Are there really that many married or dating people on the app? Are they on there trying to cheat, or are they just messing around?! I'm all for progressive dating, but how am I supposed to know who's lying to me and who isn't?
I think I'll stick to meeting people irl. They could still lie, I guess, but then I'd only have myself (not some app!!) to blame.
And nobody was really surprised. Right?
@amog32 exactly what I wanted to say. Exactly HOW is this news to anyone?
@drwhat Thankfully, I don't think it is.
@alywoah same. I didnt tell my friends who's bfs I saw on tinder but did tell them they should just see whos on it so they could find out for themselves!!
Woahhhh I've only used it to see whos on it in the area (guilty lol) but taht's kind of....ick?
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