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Ombré Technique for Eye-Catching Lips

A solid red lip is classic, and a dark lip can give you an edgy look, but why not try to create something totally different and eye-catching like this ombré lip? I've tried a more soft, romantic ombré lip before which you can see the tutorial for here, but I wanted to try something more dramatic for an upcoming event.
Get these ombré lips:
1. Use a concealer to cover your lips. Choose one that won't dry your lips out. This prevents the color from bleeding. Line your lips with a no-bleed lip liner.
2. Use a non-toxic (and preferably vegan) black eyeliner to line your lips. Fill in the outer corners only.
3. Use a lip brush to put on your color. Start in the middle and blend out to the black eyeliner.
4. (optional) Top it off with a clear gloss to give a finished look, or, leave it matte.
Uhhhh as much as I want to try this, I really, really really don't think I could pull it off!!!
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