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"Sorry, I didn't have time to do my makeup!"
"Ugh, I look so bad; I didn't have time to cover my zits. Yikes!"
"No way, you gotta wait till I finish my makeup!"
Seriously. I KNOW so many of us are guilty of this kind of mentality!! I used to be like that all the time, but then I stopped wearing makeup to work every day simply because my skin was breaking out from all that foundation.
Now, I don't wear makeup daily so when I do people would get amazed to how pretty I look and not the opposite, so people don't think you are ugly when you don't. World, just get used to my face!! Fine if you're comfortable in it and love wearing makeup everyday (and do it just for you!) then that's cool, but don't feel obliged to apologize when you're not in the mood to wear it, ok?

Should we be apologizing for our bare faces?! I don't think so!!

@danidee I feel like SO many people (me included!) have just hereditary dark circles, why do people still think it means we're tired?! I don't get it!
@danidee I have the same problem!!!! And if I cover it up for a few days, then don't, everyone suddnely things something is SO wrong!!
I rarely wear makeup when I'm hanging out with friends or doing anything social. It's really funny because the only time I actually DO wear makeup is when I'm at work. The only thing is that every so often people tell me I look really tired because I have dark circles around my eyes. :(