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I love the 90s. From flannel shirts, crimped hair, and boy bands, I can't get enough. So I get pretty excited whenever I find another 90s trend rising from the ashes.

Jelly Shoes

Why am I so excited?! Cause jelly shoes are freaking awesome. You can wear them rain or shine and they can even come with ~*sparkles*~
Grab some here.

Beaded Laces

You don't even need to buy these in a store - grab old laces, that beaded bracelet kit you never opened from last Christmas, and make your own! Bonus points if you make matching best friend laces ;)

Platform Sneakers

Because everyone in the 90s wished they were a little bit taller (get the reference?)
These are coming back with a vengeance and will cute-ify any outfit!
Grab some here.
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I've been thinking about getting some platform sneakers but I still don't think I have the look needed to rock it.