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80 Years of Prom in 2 Minutes!
Prom in the 1930s, ‘50s, ‘70s, ‘80s, the new millennium and today--check out how the looks changed and the dances, too! I'm guilty of enjoying both the 00s and today a little too much (oops?) but I feel kind of, I don't know, sad that I didn't get to enjoy some of the older looks, too. The 70s looks so fun!!

Let's check out each look! First, the 30s!

The 1950s!

And now...my favorite, 1970!!


As expected...it sparkles.

The New Millennium!

Here We Are: 2015

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how dare you skip the 90s!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I was screaming about the same thing!! @Isisb like, come ON vogue!!!
2 years ago·Reply