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Shailene is one of my favorite young female actresses on the scene right now. She's spunky, mature, and all about being real.
That personality shines through in her makeup styling which I am absolutely obsessed with. She goes for a sleek, natural foundation paired with a strong mascara that highlights her natural luscious lashes. And that's about it!
Occasionally she'll rock a strong lip, but most days her make up is meant to amp up her natural beauty rather than change anything she is.
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This tutorial is great for anyone with particularly pale skin.
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@danidee It's kind of freaky that she makes herself even paler, too....I feel like you could draw inspiration from it even if you're not that pale maybe!
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From certain angle she reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. Nonetheless, both of them have their unique charisma. Also, her makeup from the first photo is the best! I wonder who's her makeup artist.
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