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The average temperature of the world has been raising year after year after year. It's fine if you want to disagree about the reasons behind that change, but those who doubt that climate change is occurring are being too foolish to believe.

Do you believe? Take a listen, and see if you can believe in anything else.

In 2013, a University of Minnesota undergrad worked with a professor to create a song for the cello out of climate data. It shows the world climate trend from 1880 to 2012. You can watch it above.
After completing this piece, they moved on to compose a piece for string quartets, which is below, and brings alive the changes happening in 4 different regions of the world. 14 of the last 15 years have been one of the 15 highest climate increase years in recorded history.
"Each instrument represents a specific part of the Northern Hemisphere. The cello matches the temperature of the equatorial zone. The viola tracks the mid latitudes. The two violins separately follow temperatures in the high latitudes and in the arctic. The pitch of each note is tuned to the average annual temperature in each region, so low notes represent cold years and high notes represent warm years."