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Park Shi hoo..this was a seller celebration..reminded me of JGS as hwung tae kyung on receiving 100 points
@neaa.. thanks...^^
i saw the picss..hope she gets well soon!
i bet that it's gonna have a happy ending.. yes.. another additional well loved by fans second lead... that will be in the same class as jung il woo in TMTETS and the one in full house too and yonghwa in you're beautiful and the rest... my mom's doing okay, thank you for asking.. slowly recovering... but okay now.. still have the IV and just finished her blood transfusion now.. all in all, she's doing great...^^
i'll do a marathon once you assure me that it's a happy end.. though from what i see seung ho is a nice guys and a painful second lead right? so it's going to be painful anyhow.. how's your mum now? still there?
i miss you is a great drama neha... you won't believe how great all the actors are.. love it so much but yes, you won't be able not to cry when you watch this drama.. love this drama and for the first time in my korean-watching life for how many years, i downloaded all the 10 eps that's been out and waiting for the net eps until the end,,,lol
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