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There were five of us riding we ended up blasting down a hill and its a four way stop at the bottom. We saw a car coming so three of us stopped and two blew threw the car didn't plan on stopping and locked up their brakes. No one was hit. Out of the three of us that stopped, one of my friends crashed his board went and flew over the hood of a cop car that was sitting there who threw on his lights and chewed the person in the car who was going to run the red light. Than he told us we were cool and to tell our friends who didn't come back because they thought we were getting in trouble to not blow through stop signs like that. Than later one of our favorite hills that we never get to hit as hard as want because it has a stop sign near the bottom had traffic cones on the side walk and so me and another person blocked off the two side roads with them so we could hit it. And let me tell you what it was awesome. Plus I had a weird wipeout on one run where there's a lot of rocks I took the turn and fell and I couldn't see my board and than it landed on my back. It was funny though.
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