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[aka Esperia, her real name was Olga Mambelli] (1885-1959)
Leda Gys (1892-1957)
Nerio Bernardi (1889-1971)
Antonio Centa (1907-1979)
Just got my hands on a beautiful lot of autographs in various formats, ranging from the 1930s to recent years, all made by Italian famous actors & actresses (including Giulietta Masina and Virna Lisi). These precious documents originally belonged to André Jouniaux (1924-2013), who wrote the lyrics of « La Chanson De Catherine » popularized by Édith Piaf and by Juliette Greco.
This is amazing! Where do you usually watch your older silent movies? I find it really hard to find any of that kind of thing :/
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@kristenadams From film festivals to media libraries via YouTube, I find myself everywhere once the word "Silent Film" is pronounced... My only complaint is that I'm cursed to live without TCM;)
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