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Thank God Thank God It's Friday Korea for their Amazing Dinner!! For less than 20,000Won, you can get a "full course meal"... You get decent choices of Starters, Main Dishes, Desserts and Ades.. For Starter, I recommend the Boneless Wing.. It's crunchy on the outside and super tender inside.. The Salmon Pane Pasta is my favorite Main Dish.. It's so good you would think it's from a fancy Italian restaurant.. Definitely, Brownie Obsession is the choice for dessert! My all time fave.. The combination of hot brownie and the cold ice cream is divine! :) The first time I have tried this, my husband was with me and we ordered 1 set for each of us.. There was too much food left.. So, the following visits we just decided to order just one set for the two of us, and it was enough.. :) A total of less than 20,000Won for two people is more than a bargain.. :)