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The pressure to "belong" and to constantly do things with someone else (not alone) is real! Does the idea of going to a movie or out to dinner alone freak you out? Would you rather curl up at home and miss that concert you really want to see because you refuse to go alone?
Why are we so unwilling to do things alone? When we have the choice to either do nothing because our friends are busy, or to do something alone, we often choose to do nothing.
Sure, we might not have the same kind of fun that we would have if we went with a group of friends, but we'd certainly have more fun going to see that new flick alone that we would not seeing it at all, don't you think?
The only way to change this is to start doing things alone! It may sound foolish, but just doing more things alone can make it easier, so try it out. Here's some of my favorite places to go alone!

On a Ride

Whether you take a ride in a car or on a bike, just going somewhere alone can be a really nice feeling. A long walk with the music blasting in your head phones. A car ride with the windows down. A bike ride to the beach! All of this is so much better alone. Trust me.

The Museum

Personally, I find going to the museum with another person exhausting: rather than wandering all the exhibits freely, I find myself looking for them and feeling obliged to say something about the works, rather than just taking them in for myself! I like discussing museums or exhibits we've both seen later with friends, but I've learned to love going alone.

The Movies

Nobody is going to see you anyways! Plus, its not like you're going to talk during the movie! You don't need someone else to appreciate something like a movie; you can simply appreciate it for yourself! All the really good discussions I've had of movies hasn't been right before or after the movies, anyways, it's been days or weeks later with coworkers or friends.

Cool Coffee Shops

Whether you go just for a little while to enjoy a drink by yourself between meetings, or you take along a book you've been meaning to make time to read, you'll have a great time at a coffee shop. You don't need someone there to talk to--it's a great place to start practicing being alone!


Have you wanted to take a pottery, dance, yoga, or some other class, but hesitated because you don't have a friend? Well that's silly, because in these classes you'll often make friends, and you're there to learn something, not to gossip! I seriously recommend trying to take a class alone. It can be really, really fun, and you'll learn something new!
And if that's not clear enough, check out this video on how to be alone :) It's really inspiring!!

What else should I try doing alone? Hmm...

@galinda That sounds awesome! You have to just make time to do something you like every week
I used to have a Saturday routine of waking up early and catching a movie alone then hitting a cafe to read and drink alone for a while. It was really refreshing after a week of work and classes.