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This artist is drawing shit every day, for 365 days. Like, the word shit. Every. Single. Day. Which is just awesome--not only because she's super creative, but also because that takes a lot of dedication.
I've always been a proponent of doing what you love every day, but I don't always follow through. Maybe I should start a tumblr like Sarah Lawrence to hold myself to it--counting each day! She started on January 27, 2015, so we'll be seeing these for a few more months.
Anyways, rather than actually getting my daily creative work finished, I'm gonna share some of my favorite shits with you. Enjoy!
I just draw really. Or sometimes if I'm feeling particularly sassy (since I don't have a tablet anymore), I draw something up, run it through a scanner, and then throw it onto some editing software to create something cool.
@danidee What do you usually use to play with it? You draw? Or photoshop or something? I think I could totally rock making stuff like this if I only knew where to get started learning how to hahahaha
@danidee Someday I'll have to beg you to teach me your ways lol
This looks like something that I would do. I love playing around with typography. (Although I don't usually use 'shit', just my name!!)