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Here it is: my estimation of how much money you can save brewing your own coffee, and how you can do it and it will still taste good.
I'm not writing this up as a judgement of those who prefer to pick up their coffee (I worked at Starbucks for month, and frequent cafes every weekend). Still, it's undeniable that you can save money making your own coffee at home, especially if you plan to do it long term. There's an initial investment on the gear you'll need, but after that, your only cost will be beans and water, and you can save a ton!

How Much Can You Save? - Basic Coffee Drinkers

Let's do the easiest comparison first: lets say you are an iced or hot coffee drinker who goes for either brewed coffee, Americanos, or a hand drip of a specialty blend.
What you can do at home:
- brewed coffee (hot)
- hand drip coffee (hot or iced)
- french press coffee (hot)
- aeropress (hot or iced)
- cold brew (can be served hot or iced)
What you will save:
- Average cost of these drinks at a coffee shop (per 8oz cup): $1.86
- Average cost of making it at home (per 8oz cup): $0.56
- Daily savings: $1.30

How Much Can You Save? - Flavored Lattes, and Fancy Drinks

These are, arguably, harder to replicate at home and thus it makes sense why you might want to continue to go out for these. Still, if you like these drinks iced (or even hot) there are ways to get a similar taste at home without having to spend so much $$$!
What you can do at home:
- brewed coffee + flavored creamers (hot)
- cold brew latte (taste better iced)
- aeropress latte (hot or iced)
- dutch latte (iced)
What you will save:
- Average cost of buying out (per 8 oz): $3.45
- Average cost of making it at home (per 8 oz): $0.86
- Daily savings: $2.59
Now, try finding out how you enjoy making it at home, and save yourself some money! Here's links to all the tutorials I've used over the past few years to learn how to make coffee at home that I like even better than the coffee I can get out!
- brewed coffee (in a traditional percolator)
- aeropress (iced variation here)
This is my favorite site for finding new brew methods, so if you don't prefer the methods I do, check it out!
(*note: Bean quality matters. Make sure to learn how to buy (and keep) good beans if you're going to invest time into doing this. Learn more here.)

You may still want to buy your coffee out, but switching just half of your coffee to home brewed a week can save you some serious $$$, so consider it, okay?

@danidee Exactly! And homemade iced coffee just tastes a billion times better than at most coffee shops you are gonna see every day anyways.
Cold brewing systems are so cheap too! $30 or less.