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And the fun continues! I’m really digging the tone of this show, and the quick pacing that never lingers too long on the wrong things. This show knows what it is, and has struck a nicely brisk pace that balances its various facets in an entertaining, efficient way. I like that we’re given enough clues about the past to begin the speculation process, without being so dense as to be cryptic or so open as to be obvious. The flashbacks are well-done, and while there are a number of them, they’re well-crafted to show us exactly what we need to know without being confusing or overwhelming.
I do find the past ties connecting Young-shin, Jung-hoo, and Moon-ho to be a little neat, but I’m going to keep an open mind about it. If it were a pure romance drama that mirrored a childhood love triangle in the present, I’d be groaning pretty hard right about now. But I do have a lot of faith in this writer to do more with this than romance (in fact, I’m thinking that romance will be a secondary thread of the past timeline, not the primary one) and the trio’s childhood connection is part of the premise, rather than the resolution. As they say, a writer can get people into a fix using coincidence, but you’d better not solve a fix with coincidence. So in that way, I’m willing to go with the everyone-is-connected idea as a central issue.
I’m surprised at how much I’m liking this main pairing, because admittedly it does seem rather obvious, doesn’t it? I suppose it’s yet more proof that it’s more important to execute in a credible way than to come up with a new idea, because if I believe in these characters, then it doesn’t matter that other people in other stories have fallen in love in similar ways. Because what matters is that these people work—and they really do, for me.
What’s the best part of the Young-shin and Jung-hoo relationship is that it works for me on all of its levels, not just the primary one—I’m there with the curious Healer being drawn in to the bubbly weirdo heroine, and I’m also there with the goofy reporter Bong-soo tagging along with his cocky sunbae (and cowering before her father figures, which makes me laugh out loud), and I’m also there with the two damaged kids who hide their childhood traumas behind more polished adult facades. If all their sides continue to develop credibly, I’m going to be so all over this OTP like you don’t even know. Wheeee!