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Oh I guess we’re in for a lot of high-flying action in Ji Chang-wook’s new drama Healer. This is just a B-side version of the title sequence for the show, but it’s still our first glimpse of the series, and I can tell you this much — Ji Chang-wook is NOT just “an errand boy,” as the drama’s press releases are making him out to be. He looks more like a secret agent, possibly with a mutant gene for defying gravity. I can’t imagine that he’s jumping rooftops to beat traffic, though I guess anything is possible.
The drama comes from writer Song Ji-nah, of Faith, Legend, Story of a Man, and Sandglass fame. (Directing is PD Lee Jung-sub of Baker King Kim Tak-gu.) It’s about a mysterious “errand boy” and a couple of reporters who end up sucked into a web of intrigue when they uncover a secret that someone else wants to keep buried.
Ji Chang-wook’s character goes by the codename Healer, and he’s a top-notch errand-runner in the business world. He’s armed with state-of-the-art equipment, brains, and even expert fighting skills. He never fails to get the job done, whatever it is. See, if you leave it to my imagination, then all I can think is that he’s up to his eyeballs in corporate espionage and dirty backdoor deals. Maybe he really is just a super fast courier?
Yoo Ji-tae (A Star’s Lover) plays a star reporter, and Park Min-young (A New Leaf) plays a second-rate internet news site reporter who dreams of becoming a hard-hitting journalist. One day Yoo Ji-tae stumbles upon an intergenerational secret involving a defunct pirate radio broadcast from the ’80s, and it connects the three leads as they work to uncover various parts of this mystery. I still don’t know why Ji Chang-wook has to leap tall buildings to do that, but he looks pretty cool doing it.