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Whoa! So I totally didn’t see that ending coming. This romance is moving at lightning speed, but I must admit I enjoyed this episode so much that I don’t mind. We all know the premise of the drama and we expect the two to come together at some point. It’d be nice if their eventual pairing happened a little more organically and we all got to actually see them falling in love, but I can handle this portrayal as well. So far we have had inklings here and there that each of them were on the path of realizing the other’s merits, like when Jung-woo heard the story of Cheok-hee’s estrangement from her sister and when Cheok-hee realized that Jung-woo didn’t betray her. I expected those inklings to evolve into love, but instead Cheok-hee was onboard as soon as she received a hint that Jung-woo might be interested in her. I don’t think her interest was unreasonable though.
Charlotte Lucas (from Jane Austen’ Pride and Prejudice) came to mind when I saw how quickly Cheok-hee was taken with the idea of Jung-woo having feelings for her. Charlotte pointed out that there’s an awful lot of vanity in almost every attachment and how most people really only fall in love after a bit of encouragement from their partner. And lo and behold, three hundred years later we see that Cheok-hee’s vanity at being an object of interest to Jung-woo led her pretty quickly down the road toward returning his affection. Boy am I glad it did, because Jo Yeon-jung’s performance while she mistakenly believed Jung-woo liked her really had me laughing out loud.
I was kind of on the fence about this drama before this episode, but I can finally say that I like where things are going and I’m loving how funny it is. I cannot rave enough about how hilarious Cheok-hee was when she showed up unannounced at Jung-woo’s house. The only thing that seems capable of diminishing my enjoyment is knowing Min-gyu has some heartbreak in store for him soon. He continues to be my favorite all-around character. I found the way he handled his disappointment in realizing Cheok-hee likes someone else quite endearing, and I look forward to seeing more of him in action.
Thank you @christy will add it to my "to watch list"
it's the funniest @stephanieDuong you won't be disappointed :D
a must watch @StephanieDuong if you have not started!!
i totally agree @christy ... this is show is hilarious ... :D
The same lead actor in divorce lawyer this cool hot guy
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