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Wow! I am almost speechless at that ending. I like it! I like it! I like it! Very much if I must say so myself. Jung-woo likes her! And he’s willing to admit it . . . out loud. Excuse me as I swoon because this is a major step forward for our hero who just two short episodes ago was still declaring he hated Cheok-hee. We’ve seen his feelings softening toward our leading lady for quite a while now, but I never expected him to go from conflicted to confirmed so soon.
Cheok-hee too is already fully on board their romance, which Min-gyu clearly senses. I was really hoping Min-gyu would put a unique spin on the usual second-lead machinations to come between the OTP, but I find that I may have expected too much from him. I guess I can’t totally blame him for not telling Cheok-hee about Jung-woo and Soo-ah being just friends (although I don’t agree with that decision), but the petty marking of his territory and forcing the staff to see it went a bit too far in my book. It’s really too bad too because he seems to have the capacity to make his fight for the leading lady entertaining to the viewers instead of seeming pathetic and misguided.
I’m hoping we’ll get our cute and fuzzy fix from the budding romance between Kyung and Yoo-mi. We need some cuteness to counter the angst to come as the second leads gear up to fight for their loves, and Kyung and Yoo-mi are the most likely source for that. With his growing attraction and her total obliviousness to what their one night together did to him, I think we have some fun in store.
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ep 7 and 8 adorable, epic