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Mur Mur de Margem is a brunch joint around the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and Kyung Hee University area... :) FOOD: Mur Mur de Margem specializes in Brunch food and I must say, they do it right.. :) I have tried their Grand Slam Brunch which has homemade sausages, home fries, french toast with blueberry topping, bacon, pancake, scrambled eggs and bacon.. I think it's a bit too much for 1 person so this can be shared.. :) They give Cranberry salad as a starter for free. This salad is really really yummy with very very low calories because they don't use any salad dressing nor oil.. The finely chopped cranberry acts as both the topping and dressing.. Their signature burger is also good but i don't think it has any distinction from other burger houses.. Fresh Shrimp Cream Spaghetti is one of the best pastas I've ever tried.. The cream sauce is really rich and tasty. it also has shrimp, herbs, broccoli and roe. Their fresh juices are very delicious. The lemonade I had was made of real lemons not powdered. SERVICE: Service is really good and the waiters are always ready and alert. They come right after you call and are very polite as well.. AMBIANCE: I love the simple charm of the whole place although it's kinda in an awkward place. It's on a second floor of a fairly old building. Anyhow, they have managed to have that fresh, vibrant feeling of what brunch joints are supposed to be. the music they play also adds to the magic.. PRICE: Meals for one is ranging from W8,000 to W15,000 Location : Hankuk university of Foreign Studies University Station, Line 1, Exit 2