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These are so sweet and make my heart swell!! I kept seeing this linked all over the place and finally clicked it....and wow!! These are the kind of simply things that really show off love :)
I love the one were he puts coffee in the thermos and when he ties her shoes. People seem to forget that litle gestures mean so much more than big, expensive, presents ever could. I would love to get some of these; the artist said on her Facebook that she might start selling prints soon!
The artist (she goes by Puuung) had this to share:
"Love is something that everybody can relate to, and love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artworks."
Now, one more thing. Go back through it and imagine it's Harry and Ginny Potter, right before getting married. Super feels, am I right?!
So so sweet
These are so pretty, and so cute! Give me a guy that will help me be this cute :)
I like them , too.
these are so lovely illustrations.... seeing all these i am loving love... :)
so admire these..... too cute
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