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Sometime I just don't want to move from my bed. I want to transform into one of my pillows and stay in my bed forever. Today I feel that way. Whenever I feel like that I try to motivate myself with healthy people around the world. Today, pictures of Izabel Goulart, the fittest and the most beautiful models around the world, that show her healthy lifestyle make my ass move. I wanted to share her amazing picures, in cans you feel lazy today just like me.
Workout #3 is packed with basic movements: lunges, push ups, and burpees. We are going to do three rounds of 100 walking lunges, 25 push ups and 15 burpees. This workout doesn't seem to be that hard, it's going to be much harder than it seems.
The first movement is walking lunges. If you are not familiar with this movement, please watch this video. If you are good at lunges, you can skip it but please make sure that your front knee should be in line with your ankle. Keep the 90 degree rule!
Next movement is push ups. I think push ups could be really tricky and hard. I'm not even close to have a perfect push ups. So, 25 push ups going to me really hard for me. I hope next year, I could nail 25 push ups easily! I think I should add that to my new year's resolution list.. or is it too late?
Anyway, please keep your body into a one piece. Little tip from me, turn on your butt muscle. Trust me and you can thank me later.
Last but not least, it's burpee time!
This is guideline from Gymnastics WOD.

1. Start standing tall with arms over head and feet hip width apart (or slightly closer together)
2. Squat down and reach for the ground, hands placed half a foot in front of your toes
3. With hands planted, kick feet back into push up position
4. Complete full push up, with elbows in close to the body
5. Hop back into to narrow squat
6. Explode out of the hole and follow through with a nice straight jump in hollow body position

I hope you try and enjoy this workout. You can do this workout anywhere, home, park, or any places! It's great body weight workout. It's going to make you breath hard, sweat and force you to use your muscles. Have fun!
Holy crap, the picture of that girl balancing on three basketballs...she's SO fit!
Lunges are one of the moves that I can actually notice a difference in my muscles the day after
Super model inspiration is always helpful ;) I'm loving this series @haileyscomet !!!