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It has been raining on and off all week....not that I hate the rain. I actually like it. It's just funny how the weather coincides with my mood. Rain is necessary for a renewal.... you hafta water the plants so they'll grow, become stronger, and be productive. The same can be said for humans....you need to cry sometimes, let the tears fall so that you can become stronger and are able to move on in life and be productive. It's a necessary cycle.
Iron ft Babylon__Blu Funny story....I looked this MV up.... 1theK didn't provide English subs soooooooooooooooooooooooo I scrolled the comments bc sometimes saints post translated lyrics in the comment section....and I come across this comment and died laughing....slide 2 lol...take a gander. Inappropriate? Mehbeh..... Funny? ABSOLUTELY NOT....<(‾︶‾)> Hilarious? Most definitely (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) But all that aside....this song is awesome....Babylon dirties up that chorus in the best way ....I LOVE IT! And Iron's delivery is just Uuuuhh (ง •̀_•́)ง Love the message in the lyrics. Sometimes I'm ugly when I'm hurt....I do, say, and act plain ugly when I'm hurt. It's no good but it's the truth. Bad llama.
Giriboy__Take Care Of You Where are you going with Those weak legs You are a rose in the Field where the wolves walk I'll become a lion Become a lion, become a lion Don't worry This is a theme song for you  about my feelings My heart doesn't change like the mountain I got you baby I got you baby I got you baby I'll take care of you when there is no one I'll be with you when there is no one This song is perfection. Yeah it's about a guy who's girl is a prostitute.... but this chorus is beautiful.
EXO__Hurt (Chinese Version) I'm partial to the Chinese version of EXO's albums.....sorry I'm not sorry....I'm biased lol. That aside...the build from verse to chorus is what gets me. The baseline is an angry heartbeat and the melody is frustration smoothly cutting and jabbing through. I love it.
NU'EST__Goodbye Bye The feel of this song<3....the choreography is just genius. And you can't beat this choreo version of the MV. They're all looking flawless. Na Yoon Kwon __If Only I looooooooooove simple vocal and piano. This has a lil bit of strings at the chorus for build but that opening verse is so raw. It really showcases the talent and emotion....Imma fan. I adore this song. BONUS.....woke up this morning and Lee Geon from MADTOWN did a vocal cover of this song. I swear he and I need to meet and talk music. We have similar tastes. And his vocals tho .....
BIGBANG __Loser Y'all knew it was coming.... I can't get enough of this song. They finally wrote a song about me<3 Aaaaand I just noticed another interesting thing about Daesung's part in the MV.....when those punks are beating him and they pull his scarf off....he has a scar around his neck. I noticed it when I was writing my review but thought I might've been too into it and seeing things. But it's clearly a scar after watching it a hundred more times. Which adds a suicide attempt to his story.....making it that much more compelling.....and also very very very sad (p′︵‵。)
Swings__I Need A Break This song....uuugghh I love me some Swings. I swear his lyrics speak what's in my head and my heart more often than not. He feels me. And this song was such a surprise....I had no idea he could sing but logically it makes sense. When I'm stressed or feeling too much, this is my go-to.....I turn it into a duet. Just me and my boy, Moon Swings. Every day I go out but I only stay in place like on a treadmill There are a lot of churches everywhere but there’s not a single person I believe in I hate it, I finally came up to here but I’ve never received the approval of my family I quit university, no bastard listens to me I even hate listening to the news Someone please turn the volume down I’ve never lived, not even once Time hasn’t allowed it since I’m suffocating … yay I pushed you away, I just waited for you to grab onto someone else’s hand soon I can’t say anything to anyone I hate it, I just tried to erase you but no matter how much I shout and shout, you’re not there to accept my tears You definitely can’t cry because you’re stronger than me I’m forever sorry because I’m trash I’ve never been cool, not even once Now I’ll leave you alone to have a break That is all … I can do If I could only return to the time when I just played ball, “Could you give me everything?” To that question, I’d wordlessly put a gun in my mouth and before I even close my eyes, the trigger goes “bang” My existence is like broken glass, it can’t hold anything and can’t be fixed either That must be why people like games, everything can be reset Wealthy, what wealthy? When will I be able to make ends meet? Now I can’t go anywhere, everyone mocks me The only one who comes to mind is you who I hate to death The teachers oppressed me. Acting like well-off celebrities by yourselves you abandoned me, the world doesn’t change [In] the forest where winter doesn’t end, I’m a tree When it gets burned on the stove on A Lucky Day, [*] that is the end, that’s my life I’m a worm just waiting to be trampled on but I’m still … It keeps goin down and down and down and down, and down and down, and down and down, and down and down, and down, ey It keeps goin down and down and down and down, and down and down, and down and down, and down and down, and down, down Don’t hit my shoulder, you want to have a fight? You’re scared too so please don’t provoke me There’s not a single thing different with all of you Don’t pretend to be all that great because I’m going to return now
Planet Shiver ft Crush__ Rainbow Just a beautiful song with a beautiful message. We're imperfect and there's beauty in that.
Winner__Different I'm just different..... I get this....I'm a bad person. But I don't wanna be alone either.....Mino, come to mama. I gotchu.
Epik High__New Beautiful Tablo should be considered every KPOP fan's dad, older brother, or uncle....he just tells us what we need to hear when we need to hear it. Vingle KPOP Fam.....this one's for you (゚∀゚)☞ ╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╯♪♬ Dok2__It's Alright Dok2.....He's got me. I ain't gotta worry♡ I'd just like to say again that I don't trust in people but I do have faith in music. Because some songs are prayers and pleas for help, and other songs are answers to pleas and prayers. I can trust in music to carry me thru anything. xx
*Hugs you* we share the same ear buds and I love you
AHHHHHHHHHHH. That Giriboy song is one of my favorite songs right now. And that Iron song. I play both in my car when I'm driving around town.
@PassTheSuga I'm not sure what you're going through, but your Vingle family love you, and we are here for you :) I personally found this card very helpful, so thank you once again :)
@MattK95 Spank you very much 。^‿^。 I just figured I'm in a funk and going thru some stuff and this is what has been holding me down. Somebody else out there might be going thru something and need a lil help too. So I'm sharing and paying it forward.
woooowww all great songs THIS IS THE BEST i JUST LOVE THIS LIST love every single song i can write an essay about every song on how i felt its just i just love every damn song in this list soooooooooo soooo much thankyou sooo much @PassThe Suga i love you and hugs to u <3 <3 :)
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