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I love this. I'll say it again. I'll say it a hundred more times. I'll scream it from a mountain top....idc. I love this. Highly influenced by Nell and it's no secret I love me some Nell and Sung Kyu is totally a Nell fanman as well. Hey I rhymed....Lmao. The story in the MV is..... Uggghh this spring is just the season for sad MVs. I'm enjoying it tho. Basically, Sung Kyu had a girlfriend or bestie when he was younger and loved her dearly....obviously. But she committed suicide. And in the end, he commits suicide as well so he can be with her. Incredibly powerful and incredibly sad but honestly I think the song and video are beautiful.
Yeah pretty much crushed by feels today. It's a wonderful thing tho. Anybody else feeling this?
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@MattK95 I'm not doing it on purpose I swear lol.....it just worked put that way.
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@PassTheSuga haha it's okay, I really don't mind, often when I'm emotional is also when I'm most creative so it's helpful
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Doesn't SungGyu's voice sound different? it feels different than when he sings with the band. his voice sounds like its a little mature in this song. and why are nost of SungGyu's solo songs so sad, like wae oppa? why cant you sing something like Man in Love or Be Mine....ive had enough heartbreaks from SungGyu's songs to last a lifetime
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This song is so great. I was listening to it last night, and while I'm not necessarily into Infinite, I was like <3 <3 <3
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This is my first time to listen SungGyu's solo song because in Korea, he is known to be entertaining more than his voice馃槀. He has a really gooood voice馃憤馃憤馃憤This MV is so amazing~! Thank you for sharing~~馃槃馃槃
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