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I just want to make you happy But im not even happy myself If you ask me Id tell you the same thing every single time So we leave it where it started Starry eyed, and spirits die I cant help it Too much on my mind Too much to want an need But in between the lines i see it clearly Hold you dearly But still feel miles away Thats where i stay This city holds us in these chains To our dismay I dig my grave An vanish like the sun at the end of a day Nothing new Nothing old Just the same story told an told
It takes a lot just to admit the first two lines of this poem, I think...
Is that your dog?? @WyattHaste cute!
It takes a lot to not try to take from another and spend too much time with another whenever we aren't ready for it ourselves. There's a strength in that, but I thnk you expressed the difficulty of choosing to restrain quite well.