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We don't all want to cake on pounds of foundation and color every single day. At the very least, we don't want to look like we're wearing so many layers of contouring and foundation shades.
A great solution to this (especially at this time of year!) is to try a more natural looking, glowing skin look. You can still cover and contour when doing this technique, but the main point is that your face will look very natural and refreshing--not like you've spent hours layering on makeup.

Subtly Sun-kissed, Golden Glow Makeup Look

by Lisa Eldridge
If you're looking to learn from a real artist (and you like using a fair number of products even for this natural look), then this is the look for you! I love that all of Lisa's videos and instructions are about creating a beautiful "you" look, no matter how much added drama or depth with your makeup, and this video totally does that.
Find more tutorials like this one her amazing Youtube channel.

Summer Natural & Glowing Daytime 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

by Rose Kimberly
I had a few people request this, so I wanted to also show how to get this look if you've got a darker skin tone--all you have to do is adjust the product shades to suit you! This is a great look for if you love a nude lip, and you still want dramatic eyes (say hello to those falsies). If you don't want to put too much product on because of your oily skin, this is especially awesome for you.
Find more on Rose's Youtube channel here.

*Sunkissed & Smokey* | Makeup Look

by MakeupByAlli
Ok, so I said "less makeup" but I know that some people still love doing a big dramatic eye, so I wanted to share this sunkissed, smokey eye tutorial. It's great for an evening date when you still want to have that fresh off the beach look! And your skin will thank you for not being super contoured or orange, too!
Find more on her Youtube here.

Which look do you wanna try?

The third look is perfect for what I need!!! Early evening date at the river :)
I love the look of the second video. It's just enough of an everyday makeup look without going overboard.