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Try a new version of the braided crown with this higher version that gives off a more regal, defined look when compared to a braid that sits closer to the head. It's not very difficult, either, so give it a try.
Make sure you prep your hair before doing this braid! This means giving it some volume and hold--so, if you have super straight hair, try curling it and adding some volumizing mousse!
Step by step:
1. Decide where your braid will begin. Choose a spot that will allow the braid to sit around the halo of your head.
2. Start the braid behind your right ear. You want to have a continuous and thick-looking braid across the top of your head so start low, behind your ear and start with a 2 inch section of hair.
3. Continue the Dutch braid, wrapping it around the halo of your head as you had imagined it.
4. Once you finish adding in all of your hair, finish in a regular braid. Secure the end with a clear elastic.
5. Loosen up the braid! Otherwise, it won't look as full as the part that is already sitting on your head.
6. Pin the end of your braid inside to complete the crown shape. If your hair is long, tuck it under the first braid, or if its really long then you can wrap it around the inside of the initial circle.
7. Pin any loose sections and you're good to go!
Source: Hair Romance
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This is way too hard for me :( I can't keep the braid where it's supposed to be