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life seems so easy in movies and fairytales dreams seems so reachable with hardships but no fails but is life so? is it so crystal clear? if life was that simple would pain even be there? in real life, in real world there are no violens that play no rich guys falling for poor girls no prince charming in time of dismay no bad guys turn into saints no good girl melts with flowers do you really believe that one rain can wash all the scars? there's no fairygod mother who'll turn pumpkins into wagons there's no shoe that'll fit and there are no unicorns and dragons life is not a fairytale you have to make it one life is not blossoms of the spring life tosses and turns. so wake up..look outside the window.. the world is bigger than your fantasy open the door and stare well the world is fast and busy so drop the dusted book,turn off the tv the world is running while you stand there step out and take a breath it's dust and not love in the air
thanks unnie!
love it sis....